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Health insurance is a way to ensure you have support for costly medical treatment. Value Care has been designed to tailor a health plan to suit your needs and priorities within your budget. Benefits include hospitalisation and specialist care locally and with world class medical facilities in India. Value Care is available to individuals and families as well as group schemes who are looking for medical insurance at reasonable rates. Benefits provided through this plan are regularly reviewed to meet our customers' needs.

Value Care offers the following benefits:

  • The Value Care plan covers you for Day Care, Hospitalisation and  Surgery:
    • In any Local Public Hospital, you will get the privacy and comfort of a single room accommodation, provided one is available at the time of admission. Should your hospital stay be more than 48 hours, you also get a cash allowance of $20 per day up to $400 per confinement.
    • Treatment in World Class Medical Facilities, if the condition cannot be treated in any Local Public Hospital.
    • Specialist Treatment locally by overseas specialists.
    • At an Approved Private Medical Facility, if the condition cannot be treated in any Local Public Hospital.

    • If you prefer to be treated in an Approved Private Medical Facilityeven though treatment is available in any Local Public Hospital, we will only pay $50 per day of your hospital stay.
  • Loyalty Benefit Funeral Assistance Cover for the Primary Insured and Insured Spouse that offers a cash payout of $1,500 per death after one year of continuous cover, up to a maximum of $3,000 per policy.
  • Family Rates includes the Primary Insured and his/her legally married or de facto spouse or a single parent or legal guardian with up to 6 dependents.

Age at Entry

Primary Insured and Insured Spouse - from 18 to 55 years. Dependents - from birth to 17 years or up to 23 years if a full time student. Documentary evidence of student status must be provided.

Benefits & Limits

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