Medivac Care

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Optional Benefits (One-off waiting period of 90 days from the commencement of cover. No waiting period will apply for conditions arising from an accident.)

Your Benefits
Your Limits
Specialised Treatment by our Preferred Provider  A combined limit of $150,000 per condition per insured.

Approved Local SpecialisedTreatment that is available and provided by our provider in Fiji.

Covers treatment, travel, meals and accommodation of the insured and, if medically necessary, accommodation, meals and travel for an accompanying person and medical attendant.
Specialised Treatment not available in Fiji and provided by our provider in India.
Specialised Treatment that is not available in Fiji and you are not in a condition to travel to India, treatment will be done in New Zealand or Australia.

 Age Band Single ($) Family ($)
From birth - 13 years   52.09  
14-18   71.03  
19-23 124.31     372.93
24-28 196.52     589.57
29-33 204.82     614.44
34-38 219.02     657.06
39-43 236.78
44-48 290.05     870.15
49-53 368.77  1,106.29
54-58 530.18  1,590.53
59-63 680.87  2,859.66
64 1,077.56  4,525.73

For Family Concession Rates the following conditions apply:

  1. Family rate includes the Primary Insured and his/her legally married or de facto spouse or a single parent or legal guardian with up to 6 dependents.
  2. The single rate will apply if the family rate is more expensive.
  3. Premium rate for age band From birth-13 and 14-18 is only available to the family plan.
  4. The 19-23 age band premium rates will apply to a family where the Primary Insured is under the age of 19.
  5. For a family with more than six children, the six youngest children will use the family rate according to the Primary Insured's age band. The older children will use the single premium rate for age bands From birth-13 and 14-18