Outpatient Care Plus

Optional Benefits (One-off waiting period of 30 days will apply from the commencement of benefit)  
Your Benefits
Your Limits
Premium of $330 per person per annum. As below

Nominate your provider from our list of preferred providers around Fiji including Suva Private Hospital's 24-hour medical clinic. A consultation fee of at least $2.50 per visit is payable to your nominated provider.

Outpatient Plan:
As per the Outpatient Care benefit plus reimbursement of 100% of charged costs for Injections, intravenous drips and dressings up to $200 per insured.  

Specialist and Diagnostic Services:
Reimbursement of 100% of charged costs with the following Annual Limits per insured:
  • Diagnostics - $2,000
  • Specialist Consultation - $500